BitSeeFull Token

It’s a mining and rewards platform, it has its own token, BSF Token mining is in the cloud because it doesn’t need physical machines to run it.
There are many proposals for this project, but first it will start with beta mining and then bring more updates.

BSF Token

It is a BitSeeFull platform token, which can be mined through virtual machines. The token is from the Poligon(Matic) network with simple features and limited quantity.

Total supply of the BSF token:

The total supply is: 1,000,000,000.00 Token,

Contract: 0x05593a568ff282d7516fa7c4cfd200d2c8792c95

Network: Polygon(MATIC)

Symbol: BSF

Decimal: 18

After adding liquidity, we will decide what percentage of the token that can be burned..

About mining

To start your mining, you must first create a BitSeeFull account and confirm your email, you will receive a machine at registration.

You must turn on your machine to start mining, the machine is on for 24 hours and you must turn it on again after that time.

You can also buy gold coins to buy more machines or upgrade the machine you own.

You mine the gold coins and then exchange them for BSF Token.

Future updates

We want to make BitSeeFull a solid project that takes place in the cryptographic world, any help from the community will be accepted.

In the future we intend to transform all mining machines into NFT, where the user can trade with other users. We will report each project update on our social media.

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We decided to create a fair and profitable economic game for everyone, BitSeeFull is the best option to earn passive income.